we love catnip.... #lolcats #lol #lulz #lmao #funny #humor #cats #kittens #animals #kitten #meme #memebase #grumpy cat #cat shaming #lolcat #cute #aw #weheartit #kitty #love #beauty #sweet #zoo #nature #natural #meow #kitty #hellokitty You’ve been working hard this week so you deserve a middle of the week break with this picture of two adorable cats.

Relax your mind.

Dip your sore, overworked digits into a bowl of cool lavender and rose water.

Take a deep breath…

Get back to writing. You can do it!

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Cats: Too cute to not cuddle!


This made me smile today. Don’t succumb to those kitty cuddles! Get to work before “on time” and keep on writing.

Cats: Too cute to not cuddle!

The Wednesday Cat Attack is BACK!

Good day! The past few days have been quite busy for me, and I hope that you have had a productive week as well. Let’s take a little break from the mayhem of the present week to enjoy keyboard music played by a cat. You’ll love it!


The Wednesday Cat Attack is BACK!

Cats Get Writer’s Block?

imageCats may not get Writer’s Block but humans sure do.

Conquer Writer’s Block by doing something very simple: WRITING.

“Writer’s Block” comes on due to factors such as fear of failure, procrastination, limited ideas, etc. In my experience, this mental blockage came on because I was reluctant to get started on my writing projects. Starting a writing project or assignment is one of  the most nerve-wracking experience writers go through – a process that is painstaking and annoying.

Here are a few tips that may help you get a move on:

  • Creative Writing Prompts – Writers need a kick in the rear to get words out of their heads and on paper. A great way to kickstart the process is by using creative writing prompts. Visit for prompts and general freelance writing advice.
  • Exercise – I know it sounds strange but I’ve found that physical activity really helps get my creative wires sparking. Exercise will help you write better.
  • Pinterest – Yes, I am serious. You’re already spending more time than is useful on Pinterest anyway. You might as well make it work toward your advantage. Follow pin boards by other writers and freelance businesses for inspiration. Also, use your favorite pins as creative inspiration.Lilbubandfriendz.jpg
  • Watch Cat Videos – There’s nothing wrong with feeding your inner cute monster. Watching cat videos, or any video that promotes a sense of well-being or inspires you, is a great way to get over the hump of conceptualizing your First Draft. Try Lil Bub‘s videos. She’s a cat, insanely adorable and a published author.

Writer’s Block isn’t as scary as writers make it seem. You just have to get to work and let go of judging your skills as you write what’s in your head –> That’s what the editing process is for!

How have you conquered Writer’s Block? Share your insights in the comment box below or send me a message through my Facebook page – Gerilyn | Writing with a Purpose, for the People today.

3/24/12 - Bout of Writer's Block #1 - My Life In Films Meme

Cats Get Writer’s Block?

Cute Cats

Carlos Nader /Sao Paulo Zoo / Via Facebook: media (retrieved September 14, 2013 from

There’s nothing more satisfying in life than to be happy. Finding what makes you happy is a whole other story. One thing that makes me happy used to be a fear of mine: cats.

You wouldn’t know it by reading my blogs that when I was a little girl, I was terrified of felines. My grandmother’s black and gray tabby cat Creeper was an intense little guy with a mesmerizing tail and big eyes. I wanted to play with him so badly when I was a toddler that I would squeeze his tail too hard until one day, Creeper lashed out at me in his own defense. I don’t remember being so hurt and embarrassed… not understanding what pride was, I declared a personal war on all cats. I hated them because Creeper hated me. End of story…

They Said I Could Be Anything...So I Became A Pair Of Earwarmers

… that’s until I met Jag. After taking in my now deceased older cat, I am now a fully reformed cat lover who enjoys the sight and sounds of all felines. They make me happy and crazy and I squeal at the sight of them.

If you enjoy looking a pictures of cute animals, you’re in for a treat today because I’m feeling a CAT ATTACK coming on! Enjoy these pictures I’ve found of felines while perusing the electronic documents on the Internet this past weekend.

He examined the world around him from all angles, eager to learn all there was for the universe to give him.
Austin the Cat | (retrieved on September 14, 2013 from
Adorable! (retrieved September 14, 2013 from
Ridiculously cute.
Lil Bub!
The queen of mean? Nah! It’s just Grumpy Cat in disguise.
…that’s more like it, Grumpy Cat.

Cute Cats


Welcome to another installment of WEDNESDAY CAT ATTACK!

This painting by Tracey Allyn Greene is heartwarming. Her Japanese inspired sleeping kitty is peaceful, and offers you a serene work day. Enjoy!

*Thank you Reggie G. for putting Greene’s paintings on my Facebook wall!



Thanks to another Facebook friend, Steve Da Mayor, I bring to you Steampunk Kitty.

Would you have your Wednesdays any other way?

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