Need Motivation for Nanowrimo?

Write Write Write Art Print To Motivate Your Writing For Novelists Writers Authors Nanowrimo Participants. $18.00, via Etsy.
Write Write Write Art Print To Motivate Your Writing For Novelists Writers Authors Nanowrimo Participants. $18.00, via Etsy.

One of the most difficult things to convince friends and family members of when you’re a writer is that you’re actually writing, not just twiddling your thumbs waiting for publishers to call. If you’re falling into a writer’s stalemate, also known as “writer’s block”, it’s time for you to snap out of it. Get back to the basics and take a note from this art print I found while perusing Pinterest.

  • Write – Some letters make a word: That word can color your introduction, climax, conclusion… anything for your story.
  • Write – Some words make a sentence: Continue writing – do not stop to edit yourself as you write. You’ll have one sentence until before you know it you have paragraphs.
  • Write – Some sentences make a page: You see where this is going, right?
  • Write – Some pages make a chapter: You’re feeling pretty great now, and looking forward to wrapping your Nanowrimo project up in less than a month!
  • Write – Some chapters make a book: You’ve made it through the most challenging month of the year, and come out victorious with a book to share with the rest of the world.
Congratulations! You conquered Nanowrimo!
If you’re not participating in Nanowrimo this year, take these tips to heart with your everyday writing practice. Apply the tips to your blogs, articles, journals, and other projects to feel successful and productivity!
To buy this art print, visit by clicking the following link: The Dreamy Giraffe Etsy Shop.


Need Motivation for Nanowrimo?

Weekend Warrior Recreation

The weekend is here! Finally!Outdoor Concert. Photo: Olivia Rae James

Summer Starts Here #makebeauty #bglowing

In Austin, many of us are looking forward to the musical acts and comedians scheduled to perform at FunFunFun Fest this year. If you haven’t made it down here to the Texas Hill Country to enjoy our magical music moments, find a way to enjoy live music in your city.

The weekends are designed for rest, relaxation, and tons of fun – enjoying music by your favorite artists in the city you love is a perfect way to spend your two-day break from work! Who knows? You may even gain more writing material than you’d expect just by having fun with friends and family at a concert.

Writing Ideas abound!

Going to FFF? Who are you most excited to see this year?

Weekend Warrior Recreation

TUNE IN TUESDAY | Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

Permanent Record cover art

You’ve gotten through another manic Monday but might feel a little frazzled by all the deadlines and projects due at the end of the week (or, for some of us, today). Let’s ease the stress with some tunes, shall we?

Today’s free tunes are the musical brain children of  Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.

Heralding from San Marcos, TX, by way of Austin, Chief is one of the longest standing hip-hop artists in the San Marcos music community. A member of the well-loved San Marcos musical groups Liquid Stereo Project and The Word Association, Chief has kept the spirit of Hip-Hop alive through his original lyrical content and driving beat creations, interwoven with classic tracks on his album Permanent Record.

Free Music to Free Your Mind

Permanent Record is an album that has no other purpose than to get stuck in your head and move you, physically and intellectually. The driving yet soulful drumbeat on  “Mother of Pearl” will create a gentle ear worm for your brain, but I promise you won’t mind. Another track you’re going to dig is “Slowmega” because, like Chief says, it’s a “futuristic throwback” that you will have no choice but to groove to.

Click logo for upcoming show info and Chief’s biography | Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

Surely, you will develop an affinity to all the tracks. When you do, show your appreciation by giving Chief a “Like” on Facebook at OFFICIAL Facebook – Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, and tell him what you enjoyed most about his album.

A Man on a Mission to Move You

Chief is a quaternary threat as an MC, DJ, Producer, and Artist, whose weekly music and movie installments are enjoyed every Monday at Triple Crown in San Marcos, TX.

Chief is also apart of artistic and musical collaborative projects created by Exploded Drawing. These projects are experienced in Austin, TX and its surrounding areas – visit for events and information.

Find Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice on Soundcloud, for constant streaming of his lyrical insights while getting through your workday.

Enjoy your free music by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice today.


TUNE IN TUESDAY | Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

Music in Austin @ The North Door (a.k.a. The ND)


I know that you love good music.

If you’re in Austin tonight with a desperate need to fill your mind with good tunes, gather your homegirls and homeboys for a night of thought-provoking Hip-Hop.

Pawn Takes King presents:
Qwel & Maker

Sounds provided by one of my favorite Lyricists and DJs: Chief and The Doomsday Device, along with Anthony Maintain | Exploded Drawing | Parking | DJ sets by the incomparable DJ Charlie.

Lace up your high tops and get ready to groove tonight!

Music in Austin @ The North Door (a.k.a. The ND)

Art in Austin @ Black Lagoon Saloon

@ Black Lagoon Gallery, Austin TX

Looking for something creative to do this evening in Austin?

Gather a group of friends together and head over to Black Lagoon Gallery for the “Everything”.  Mingle with some of the city’s brightest artists at this free group show’s reception.

“Everything” is a Mixed Media art event, showcasing the artwork of many local artists.  Among this group of talent is Kiki Whatley.  Whatley’s art is controversial and shocking to the senses (you don’t want to miss her exhibit).

Print by Kiki Whatley

For more information about this group artshow at Black Lagoon Gallery in Austin, TX find the event on Facebook by clicking this link: EVERYTHING.

I’ll see you there!

Art in Austin @ Black Lagoon Saloon