Photographs of Powerful Women Boosts Confidence Levels

Women Leaders Boost Confidence. First Lady Michelle Obama. Gerilyn Hayes,

Women in leadership roles may be able to bolster self-esteem and improve public speaking skills with a single framed photograph of Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has determined that pictures of famous, powerful female leaders boost confidence levels in women.

In the study, 149 women were shown photographs of well-known leaders prior to giving public speeches. The women were shown photos of either Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel or no photo at all. Observations concluded that women who were shown photographs of female leaders had longer talking times than that of women who were shown a male leader or nothing at all.

The Journal determined:

Empowered behavior also mediated the effects of female role models on women’s self-evaluated performance. In sum, subtle exposures to highly successful female leaders inspired women’s behavior and self-evaluations in stressful leadership tasks.

If a social experiment such as this one can conclude that 149 women are empowered in a single step, what are the possibilities for younger generations of girls and women?

Women Leaders Boost Confidence. Arianna Huffington. Gerilyn Hayes,

Freelancers Union Contributing Writer Lindsay Van Thorten addressed photographed role models and their presence in the lives of girls. “The study sought to confirm evidence that when girls see women outside of stereotyped roles, they become more likely to pursue those non-traditional roles,” said Van Thorten, “For example, exposing girls to women in STEM careers increases their likelihood of pursuing those roles.”

Does it really work?

To boost your confidence levels in the workplace and leadership task roles, try the follow steps:

  • Hang a framed photograph of a female leader, or role model, in your home office or place of business. For girls and young women, hang pictures of women leaders in common areas of the home such as the dinning room, kitchen or hallways.
  • Read autobiographies, memoirs and web articles written by well-known women in positions of power. Maya Angelou, Arianna Huffington, Ann Richards and Oprah Winfrey have been studied at length, and have books written by and about them.
  • Contributions and innovations made throughout the annals of history have been at the hands and great minds of women. Learn about them and share their stories with younger generations of women via blogs, news articles, books and even your Pinterest account.

Whose photograph will you gain a boost in confidence from? Share your thoughts with me @GerilynWrites. Together we can open up a dialogue for women, by women. I’m sticking with the First Lady Michelle Obama, and will add more female leaders to my social media accounts to help other young women and girls gain the confidence they need to take on leadership tasks.

Photographs of Powerful Women Boosts Confidence Levels

In Life, You Must Motivate Yourself


Work for Success. Read more freelance writing tips and success focused blogs on

In Life, You Must Motivate Yourself

Everyday, Work for Success!

Work for Success. Read more freelance writing tips and success focused blogs on

One of the most challenging aspects of success is the work that goes into achieving it. Success does not fall out of the sky, hitting the luckiest person on the head.

Success is the result of hard work and tenacity.

Friend, ask yourself what you would like to achieve in life? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? Answer these questions for yourself. Now determine how you are going to succeed.

When I set my mind to something, I set a clear intention of what I want to happen. If research is required, I research – bing and Google and I get along like gangbusters.

Then, I work.

I don’t stop until I am done, with very little breaks in between “start” and “finish”. At the end of my task, I have succeeded and am rewarded with the fruits of my labor.

I implore you: learn from my example and the example of those successful people that you admire. Take control of your goals and design a plan to make them happen!

Success will be yours every day of your life by applying effort, focusing on goal or task progression, researching when necessary, and completing your tasks. Don’t forget to bring a positive attitude on your journey to success!

In the upcoming weeks, I will provide links to psychologists, bloggers and authors that focus on “Motivation” and “Grit”. For now, think about what “Success” means to you and how you are going to meet your goals. Tell me about your journey in the comment box below or share on my Facebook wall today. I can’t wait to hear about your achievements!




Everyday, Work for Success!

Activities During a Writing Session Break: Book Reading

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens sits in my mind currently. The opportunity to read the book in my formative years never arose in between Catch-22, Les Miserables, and The Catcher in the Rye. Why our school shied away from Charles Dickens, I do not know – level of difficulty to teach or wish to teach it? Alas, I have watched many plays and a handful of movies centered around his works yet, I have not read his words.

Until now, that is.

After several years of avoiding this famed Victorian writer, I have come to know more about myself as a person and as writer because of his the words he used to color his characters. Strange, how authors can make us feel connected to the people living inside their heads and force us to feel a variety of emotions through the power of words.

What books reach out and touch you the most? Who are the authors that inspire you to become a more story- or character-focused writer? How have you reached out and scratched the surface of the hearts of your audience? Share your answers in the comment box below.



Activities During a Writing Session Break: Book Reading